This was the EUMICON Digital Conference 2020






EUMICON Digital Conference „Recovery. Made In Europe”

18 November 2020, 14.30 – 17.00

For the first time and against the background of the current COVID-19 crisis, EUMICON in cooperation with the European Commission hosted a digital conference as part of its ongoing Stakeholder Dialogue at EU level. In 2020, Europe stands in urgent need of an economic recovery in response to the threatening effects of the pandemic on industrial value chains. The EU Recovery Program is supposed to help the economy to get back on its feet and to serve as a comprehensive incentive instrument to expediently advance the European economic transformation.  Against this background, EUMICON initiated the digital conference on the 18 November 2020 to discuss the industrial needs and concerns as well as possible ways forward through this unprecedented time window in European history.

Around 250 high-level stakeholders and two highly renowned expert panels from politics, business, research and NGOs participated in the high-level event. The introductory keynote speech on the concept of ‘Strategic Autonomy’ by Maroš Šefčovič, Vice-President of the European Commission, and the valuable contributions of Peter Handley, Head of Resource Efficiency Unit in the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Growth, Julia Anderson, Economic Research analyst at Bruegel, Meadhbh Bolger, Resource use and new economies policy expert at Friends of the Earth, Roland Harings, CEO of the Aurubis AG and Rob van Gils, CEO of Hammerer Aluminium Industries led to lively and at the same time inspiring discussions.

Furthermore, MEP Tsvetelina Penkova (Bulgaria), MEP Urmas Paet (Estonia) and MEP Saskia Bricmont (Belgium) represented the European Parliament and enriched the substantive exchange of attending participants.


A truly level playing field - now more important than ever

Throughout the course of the two dedicated panel discussions, participants consensually emphasized that the establishment of a global level playing field and bold actions towards unfair trading practices of third countries have become more important than ever. In the eyes of most participants, the recently by Vice-President, Šefčovič proposed concept of ‘Strategic Autonomy’ is an essential first step to ensure Europe’s economic sovereignty in the future.    Furthermore, a multitude of participants underlined the need to create an appropriate framework by policymakers to enable large-scale investments and create incentives with the aim to enable and further foster urgently needed innovations for a competitive European industry, on the one hand, and for reaching EU-wide and global climate and sustainability targets.


Background of the event

The EUMICON is a networking platform for strategic discussion processes and technology transfer actors along the value chains of energy, mobility and digitization. The EUMICON Digital Conference “Recovery. Made In Europe” marks yet another milestone in a series of events of the initiated EUMICON Stakeholder Dialogue, involving 250 participants and around 850 stakeholders across Europe.





Building a New World. Made in Europe.

Mineral resources shape our future. The process of dialogue on expert level has begun.

Electric cars, smart technology, the Internet of Things – the disruptive technological revolution will bring with it unlimited possibilities for innovative products and new services in the coming decades. Resources form the basis of these technologies and products. But what do we have to do to strengthen the value-creation chains of the European technologies of the future?

EUMICON’s Europe-wide stakeholder dialogue attempts to answer this and other questions. In its context, relevant decision makers and ‘bright minds’ from various fields of the economy, research and politics will be brought together to jointly work on creating future solutions.


„The world is constantly being recreated over generations. Mineral resources are the carriers of civilisation and technology.”

DI Roman Stiftner, General secreatry EUMICON

„The sustainable use of resources and energy and the creation of sustainable values through a holistic approach to product cycles are of central importance.”

DI Franz Friesenbichler, Imerys Talc Austria

The digitization of the value chain starting with the raw material offers extraordinary opportunities. We need to play an active role in making digitization effective and efficient.

Stefan Borgas, CEO RHI Magnesita

„Research and operational innovation are drivers of every economic location. Technology and know-how are the most important prerequisites for a strong Europe.”

Univ.-Prof. DI Dr. Wilfried Eichlseder, Rector of the Mining University of Leoben


EUMICON links various stakeholders and partners of the mineral resources industry on a domestic and European scale. The necessary political, economic, ecological and technological framework conditions for the resources industry are discussed in the context of strategic discussion processes and dialogues, conferences, presentations and training programmes.


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