Raw Materials Dialogue 2022

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Raw Materials Dialogue 2022: Energy crisis and geopolitical tensions pose enormous
challenges for the raw materials industry

On 4. October 2022, the "Raw Materials Dialogue" took place for the first time in Vienna,
where solutions for the current challenges of the energy-intensive industries were
discussed at the highest decision-making level.

The kick-off event, which was organised by the European raw materials platform EUMICON,
together with the Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance, focused on the strategic
safeguarding of the supply of raw materials both on the national and on the European

In a series of discussion panels, a large number of high-ranking discussants from academia,
politics and industry debated an extensive range of topics. The main topics included the
availability of energy and raw materials at competitive prices, protection against unfair
global competition, the importance of sustainability and recycling, and the increasing
importance of digitization and artificial intelligence in the raw materials industry.

The experts agreed that the European mineral raw materials industry, which is the
backbone of the economy, must be massively strengthened in order to meet the rapidly
increasing demand for raw materials expected with the European Green Deal, otherwise
dependencies will be created or reinforced. However, this requires a joint effort by all the
stakeholders involved. Only through the successful cooperation of politics and industry full
potentials can be exploited here.

At the subsequent evening reception, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of EUMICON,
the participants took the opportunity to deepen the discussions and to network further.

"The raw materials dialogue was a great success for the mineral raw materials industry. On
the basis of the results of the Raw Materials Dialogue, we will continue and expand our
work as a European platform to strengthen European value chains in the fields of energy,
mobility and digitisation. We are convinced that the value chains of the green and digital
transformation in particular will continue to be of great importance in the EU"
EUMICON Director General Roman Stiftner.

Raw Materials Dialogue 2022

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