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09 February 2018


Building a New World. Made in Europe.

Mineral resources shape our future. The process of dialogue on expert level has begun.

Electric cars, smart technology, the Internet of Things – the disruptive technological revolution will bring with it unlimited possibilities for innovative products and new services in the coming decades. Resources form the basis of these technologies and products. But what do we have to do to strengthen the value-creation chains of the European technologies of the future?

EUMICON’s Europe-wide stakeholder dialogue attempts to answer this and other questions. In its context, relevant decision makers and ‘bright minds’ from various fields of the economy, research and politics will be brought together to jointly work on creating future solutions.

At the first workshop in Vienna, some 20 prominent participants from science, civil society, politics and the industry addressed the question of what skills and abilities companies and employees will need for technologies of the future. In Brussels in late March, EUMICON will address the topic of Energy & Climate in connection with the EU's Industry Strategy. Additional workshops will take place in Sofia and Berlin on the topics of Trade & Access and Technology & Innovation respectively.

The results will be presented and discussed in the framework of the EU Council Presidency at the international EUMICON Resource Conference titled „Building a New World. Made in Europe” which will take place in Vienna from 26 to 28 September, 2018. EUMICON will stage this conference in cooperation with the Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism.


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